Interface Lubrifiants Speciaux

Created in 2007 by Patrick REPESSE, company INTERFACE LUBRIFIANTS SPECIAUX specialized in production and marketing of lubrication solutions in all types of industries. It makes its customers available a skill set which allows it to meet many applications in a variety of areas such as :

  • Industrial maintenance in all types of industries,
  • Metal working, forging, foundry,
  • Aeronautics,
  • Agribusiness, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry,
  • Glass industry,
  • Land, maritime and rail transports.

You will find in our web site part of our products. We remain at your disposal to answer any request.

INTERFACE LUBRIFIANTS SPECIAUX head office and warehouse are located in Normandy, at BRETEUIL 27160, 130 km west of Paris and with close distance to major industrial centers.

Since November 2013, INTERFACE acquired a production site located at GENAY (69) north of Lyon.

For all price quote, please contact INTERFACE LUBRIFIANTS SPECIAUX.

Interface Lubrifiants spéciaux's strengths :



Our Know-how

Products and Applications

Company INTERFACE LUBRIFIANTS SPECIAUX (I.L.S.) formulates and produces a large range of lubricants adapted to many uses and for all types of industries.

The core of our business is solid lubricant dispersion such as :

  • Graphite
  • Molybdenum Disulphide (MoS2),
  • Hexagonal Boron Nitrid (h-Bn),
  • PTFE
  • Tungsten Disulfide (WS2),
  • And many others,…

Our finished products are in various forms as :

  • Dispersions in all kind of oils (mineral, PAO, ester…) or in aqueous medium,
  • Mixtures of powders (solid lubricants, synthetic or vegetal waxes…) for specific applications in dry lubrication, forging lubricants, foundry fluxes, grease production or incorporation in plastics…
  • All types of greases loaded or not in solids,
  • Mixtures of oils used for metal transformation and metalwork



For any request, please free to contact Interface Lubrifiants Spéciaux.

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Our equipements

Production equipments allow us to grind, disperse, mix all types of powders in all types of areas, such as to obtain homogeneous and stable products.

We are equipped with :

  • Colloidal ball mills,
  • High pressure homogenizers,
  • Dispersers,
  • Mixers / blenders for greases,
  • Mixers for powders,
  • Dilution tanks with several capacities.

We regularly invest in new equipments, this allows us meeting our customers’ various requests.







Siège social :
734 rue Guillaume le Conquerant
27160 Breteuil SUR ITON

Tel.: 02 76 38 85 39
Fax : 02 32 34 59 04

Site de production :
107 Chemin Henri malartre
ZI Lyon Nord - 69730 Genay

Tel.: 04 37 26 21 87
Fax : 04 72 80 08 11

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